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Production program

The mission of the company Tekstilna industrija d.o.o. Mostar is the achievement of excellence in the production process with the aim of systematic development and improvement

1) Classic professional protective workclothes for industry, health care, catering service and other occupations made from textile materials.

2) Special professional protective workclothes, designed primarily for use in open space, made of laminated textile materials.

3) Sports and fashionware made of laminated and other special textile materials.

4) Sports and leisure fashionware made of various classic and woven textile materials such as cotton and other fabrics and fabrics mixed with various chemical and natural textile raw materials.

5) Light and medium heavy confection clothes for the general population (men`s, women`s and children`s clothes) primarily made of classic woven textile materials.

6) Clothes specially made for the army, police, border police, customs officers, telecomunications, post office, public utilities, civil engineering, electric power companies, airports, railways and similar as well as other different occupations.

7) Linen for catering service, helath care, houshold etc.

8) Flags of all kinds and dimensions.

9) Confection in pure “lohn”-buisness within our production program.

Who are we?

The company Tekstilna industrija Mostar has been on the market for more than half a century.

Before the war until 1995, it was mainly engaged in the production of classic professional clothing as well as children’s clothing and clothing for citizens.
In 1995, the company was modernized and reconstructed.
In 2010, significant financial resources were invested in infrastructure and new technology,
which enabled a significant change and expansion of the production program.

Following the world trends, new materials, fashion, and technology, the production is reoriented and now, in addition to classic products,
our company also produces special-purpose clothing made of classic and laminated fabrics.
Today, the company Tekstilna industrija employs approx. 70 employees, with a predominant production arrangement in lohn business with a larger share for export to the European Union market,
and the rest is intended for the market of Ex-Yugoslavia, primarily of BiH, Croatia and Slovenia.
Our main customers for full and lohn jobs in recent years are mostly companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland and in the future we hope to expand our market to as many customers across Europe.

Our company is guided by strict standards in its work. With our years of experience, we are able to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.
We sincerely thank you for your future trust, and in anticipation of business contacts and future cooperation, we recommend ourselves.

Director of the company
Nikica Golemac, a law graduate


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We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

The vision of the company Tekstilna industrija d.o.o. Mostar is to become a regional leader in the field of textiles, recognizable as a responsible organization that provides top quality.


Rodoč bb, Slobodna carinska zona
88000 Mostar
Bosna I Hercegovina

Business hours

Monday – Friday …… 7:00h – 15:30h


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